Who we are

Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso, S.A. (TCVAL) is the Concessionaire Company in charge of operating Terminal 2 in the Port of Valparaíso, awarded by Empresa Portuaria de Valparaíso (EPV).

Company name Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso S.A.
Client Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso
Concession term December 2013 – April 2021
% Stake held by ALEATICA 99.99% ALEATICA S.A.
Details of interest
Investment (CLP) 43,0 thousand millons (to date)
Load transfer capacity 1,800,000 t - General Cargo Terminal
Superficie 6,4 ha - General Cargo Terminal
Longitud línea de atraque 613 m - General Cargo Terminal


historia TCTenerife
historia TCTenerife
historia TCTenerife
  • Enero: After an audit of the Integrated Management System, the migration of the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard to ISO 45001: 2018 is completed.​
  • Abril: Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL) received recognition for generating “the best innovation executed or in process” in the 5th Edition of the Innova awards granted by the Aleatica group.​
  • Agosto: The mutual of the Institute of Work Safety (IST) gave recognition to Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL) and Operaciones Portuarias de Valparaíso (OPVAL) for contributing to the care of the life of the workers and collaborators of both entities, by establish an Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001: 2018 in its port operations.​
  • Octubre: TCVAL achieves recertification in all three standards (ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001).​
  • March: The maritime authority, through the Captaincy of the Port of Valparaíso, officially handed over to Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL) the granted authorization to use the new Breakwater infrastructure, to berth the longest cruise ships, at point 8 of the Breakwater.​
  • April: Further to the International Fair on Logistics and Foreign Trade (FILCE), Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL) came first in the Green Leaf 2018 Prize, thanks to various environmentally-friendly measures recently implemented in its facilities.​
  • September: The Environmental Evaluation Commission of Valparaíso unanimously approved a project to extend T2.​
  • May: OPVAL signed a relevant Framework Agreement with the Bahía Workers Trade Union, establishing employment improvements in the Port’s Terminal 2.​
  • May: The authorized depth was increased to 9.3 meters in point 8 of the Breakwater.​
  • July: Complementary Addenda were included.​
  • October: Receipt of Complementary ICSARA 2. ​ OPVAL obtained a certification under ISO 9001 and 14001, in addition to OHSAS 18001, which involved the provision of fractioned load movement services, steel-iron, copper and fresh fruit between the vessels and port precincts to means of land transport and vice versa, to include the loading and unloading of passengers.
  • November: TCVAL is recognized by the governmental “HuellaChile” plan, pertaining to the Ministry of the Environment, due to satisfactorily implementing a Carbon Print Measurement process in order to calculate, monitor and control the terminal’s operative emissions.
  • Februry: Valparaíso port workers, belonging to Stevedore Trade Union 1 and OPVAL, signed a relevant agreement with TCVAL establishing employment improvements in the Port’s Terminal 2.​
  • March: Addenda included, with replies to EIA’s observations on the Environmental Evaluation System.​
  • June: ICSARA 2.​
  • September: TCVAL is certified under standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, in the same process.​
  • January: First anniversary of the RSE Alianza Puerto Ciudad Board: this was the first public-private three-party venture in a port in Chile, involving the State, Concessionaire and Municipality.​
  • March: The historic record of transferred load in the Breakwater of the Port of Valparaíso was broken: 244,398 tons.​
  • May: Purchase of the second Gottwald crane for the Breakwater, thus improving the terminal’s efficiency in terms of general cargo.​
  • Dicember: It was agreed to extend the timeframe in which TCVAL could exercise the way-out clause due to extension of Terminal 2, an unequivocal sign of its commitment to Valparaíso.
  • May: An Early Community Approach (ACA) process was launched with a high attendance rate, to include social influencers and community leaders.
  • June: In the first half of the year, the load transfer rate was increased to 28%
  • September: The TCVAL Project entered the environmentally processing stage (EIA) conducted by the sector authority, Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental (SEA.​
  • October: As part of the Citizen Participation Process (PAC), the TCVAL project was presented locally through various workshops directed by Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental, allowing citizens to make observations​
  • Dicember: ICSARA
  • April: Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso (EPV) awarded to OHL Concesiones a tender to exploit new Terminal 2 in the Port of Valparaíso​.
  • July: OHL Concesiones executed a concession contract with Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso​.
  • October: TCVAL purchased the first state-of-the-art Gottwald crane for the Breakwater​.
  • November: TCVAL was presented to the port’s population, along with the outline of the updating project for Terminal 2.​
  • December: Along with EPV, a take-over certificate for the breakwater was signed and operations in Terminal 2 officially began The first Corporate Social Responsibility port board was incorporated, along with the Municipality of Valparaíso and Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso.​