Our Project

Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso, TCVAL, is an initiative that is part of a modernization project in the maritime-port industry, to include strategic development along the coastline, launched by the State of Chile through Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso (EPV). This economic recovery and productive chain, with a comprehensive approach, covers education and employment, heritage and culture, and responsible environmental management, as cornerstones to achieve its mission.

TCVAL modernization project

The current berthing line will be extended up to 785 linear meters, increasing the depth to 16 m and extending the terminal’s surface area to 12.5 hectares. Assignment of cutting-edge machinery, along with the terminal’s link to the highway network, liaising V. Región with R. Metropolitana, and the railway connection, will double Port of Valparaíso’s transfer capacity, making for a dynamic logistic system.

A large-scale project

  • More than 500 million USD invested
  • Estimated 0.5% increase in Valparaíso’s GDP
  • 3,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • Capacity of 1,150,000 TEU/year
  • Strategic competitor in the Southern Cone
  • Support in the trade exchange between America, Asia and Europe

Cutting-edge machinery

  • 5 Super Post Panamax cranes
  • 10 ReachStackers container-bearing cranes
  • 2 Gottwald cranes
  • 41 trailer trucks
  • 12 RTG cranes
  • 41 Platforms
  • 2,000 connections to refrigerated containers
  • Lighting with Microled Plus technology