Alianza Puerto Ciudad

As “Alianza Puerto Ciudad”, TCVAL along with the Municipality and Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso (EPV) is launching its social action plan, covering all its initiatives under three lines of action:

  • Environment & Tourism
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Education/Society

TCVAL has established various intense communication channels with its stakeholders, in order to provide the necessary material and human resources to develop and consolidate our working processes, in harmony with its surroundings.

Further to the foregoing TCVAL, as part of ALEATICA, has started up the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility department, governed by the group’s corporate policies, albeit with local emphasis and relevance.

Culture & Heritage

In Valparaíso both culture and heritage co-exist, as well as the cosmopolitan history of this sea town, and Chile’s growth and future. It is a space where the country’s port prosperity is very uniquely blended into the beauty of its urban landscapes, its multi-faceted cultural expression, and its people. History and experience have endowed status to the port’s local population, and any resident is proud to belong to this community.

Programs and initiatives:

  • Organizational development of Muelle Prat Boatmen. Clic here.
  • International Coastal Cleanup Day. Clic here.
  • First “Diablada” in Valparaíso. Clic here.

Environment & Tourism

Care for the environment and the promotion of tourism are both relevant steps towards enhancing the town and its many cultural and natural assets. This is why various initiatives have been backed up, seeking both a common objective and challenge: to specifically encourage and increase the number of visitors to the town’s tourist attractions, whilst also protecting urban surroundings and coastal ecosystems.

Programs and initiatives:

  • Asset Rehabilitation: Edificio Sindicato Estibadores N° 1. Clic here.
  • Lambe Lambe Puppet TheaterClic here.
  • Heritage enhancement. Clic here.
  • “Come to Valparaíso” Schoolchildren’s Drawing Competition. Clic here.

Training for employability

A cornerstone of Alianza Puerto Ciudad’s work is its commitment to town residents in order to activate economic activity. The young population- Valparaíso’s future- are offered opportunities to become part of a professional traineeship, through strategic alliances with technical institutes pertaining to Corporación Municipal de Valparaíso (Cormuval) and technical training schools at various local universities, to generate qualified local labor; this will create employability and reduce the job migration affecting Valparaíso. Furthermore, we work with leaders in certain neighborhoods to ensure that they have technical tools with which to launch productive community enterprises.

Programs and initiatives:

  • “Young people entering the job market” project. Clic here.
  • “Valparaíso Leadership School”. Clic here.
  • Compensation for parties damaged by the 2014 fire. Clic here.
  • Citizen safety support. Clic here.