TCVAL’s business model is based on the company’s economic, social and environmental sustainability, taking the interests into account of its investors, clients, team and all other persons and entities in its operating surroundings.

This business model is backed up by ALEATICA’s policies, commitments and strategic plans, making up a socially-responsible management policy as a source of inspiration.

Huella Chile. This is the national plan to manage Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Our carbon print has been quantified since 2016, ensuring that our emissions are decreased each year with respect to the previous period.

Shared Value. Alliance with sustainable local enterprises and institutions, sharing our environmentally-friendly approach.

Social commitment

We contribute to comprehensive development of local surroundings, creating jobs under high occupational health and safety standards, strengthening the value chain, local procurement and improving the services offered to our clients.

Environmental commitment

Management, compensation and mitigation measures, and commitments undertaken with the natural and heritage surroundings of Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso, to optimize the construction process in environmental terms.