Valparaíso’s Environmental Evaluation Commission unanimously approves a project to extend the T2

The Environmental Evaluation Commission (CEA) unanimously approved a project to extend Terminal 2 (T2), sponsored by the concessionaire Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL).

The authority, presided by the Superintendent of the Region of Valparaíso, Jorge Martínez, backed up the project after receiving and evaluating the second Complementary Addenda delivered by TCVAL, which made corrections to the observations submitted by the competent bodies.

In this way, the T2 extension has obtained an Environmental Classification Resolution (RCE) after nearly four years since it started this environmental procedure, a necessary condition to move forward in the project’s development.

Furthermore, the Commission approved the project based on TCVAL and EPV’s request to not consider and change the SEA’s recommendations, as regards “strengthening” execution of the works associated to the Public Space Master Plan, the Plan for the Conservation of Heritage, and more monitoring to find underwater archaeological remains.

The project with an estimated investment of USD 500 million, began in 2013 when Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso was awarded a concession for Terminal 2 to lead the construction of a berthing line 785 meters long, accommodating new positions 9 and 10.

The works project involves adding a back-up area of 9.1 hectares, infrastructure to simultaneously assist two Post Panamax vessels, as well as recovering the current Breakwater for operation, allowing an estimated transfer capacity of 1 million TEUs.

The initiative will range from the northeastern corner of the Breakwater to Edwards street, southwards. Furthermore, 185 more meters at sea will be gained, entailing a platform of approximately 12.5 hectares, used for load transfers.

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adminValparaíso’s Environmental Evaluation Commission unanimously approves a project to extend the T2