The Valparaíso 2018-2019 Cruise Season begins with a ship arriving from Rapa Nui

“L’Austral”, of the French company Du Ponant, reached the coasts of Valparaíso from Hanga Roa,, a 142-meter long cruise ship that this Thursday inaugurated the 2018-2019 Cruise Season in the Port of Valparaíso. This season expects to receive 21 dockings and twice the number of passengers as last season.

The vessel, which brought 214 visitors to the town, between passengers and the crew, berthed at TCVAL position 6 and marked the start of the season which, over the next five months, will welcome transatlantic ships to Valparaíso.

2018-2019 SEASON

The season, slightly more optimistic than the last, totals 21 dockings (19 at TCVAL) and approximately 14,000 visitors, who will be able to travel along the coastline of the Port of Valparaíso and its surroundings.

Of interest this season is the “Le Boreal” ship (also belonging to Du Ponant), which will total three arrivals in the town, two in November and the last one in March 2019.
Another three outstanding ships are “Crystal Symphony”, belonging to Crystal Cruises, 238 meters long; “Artania”, belonging to V-Ships Leisure, 231 meters long; and “Viking Sun”, belonging to Viking Cruises, 228 meters long.

A further highlight is the arrival of “Azamara Pursuits”, belonging to Azamara Cruise Lines, which will arrive for the first time in Valparaíso next 7 December, carrying approximately 1,500 visitors along its 181 meter length.

The list of ships remaining longer than 24 hours on our coastline is led by “Silver Explorer”, which will arrive on Saturday, 3 November, departing from Valparaíso two days later; and the “Europa” cruise ship, which will stay for the same number of days in January.

Another point of interest is the simultaneous arrival that will take place on Saturday, 16 March, when “Bremen” and “Le Boreal” coincide for nearly 12 hours at TCVAL, a terminal that will concentrate 19 of the 21 dockings this season.

The deputy sales manager of TCVAL, Gonzalo Mercado, indicated that “We are very pleased to inaugurate at our “TCVAL” terminal a new cruise season; it is both a great opportunity and a huge challenge to continue offering quality service with the highest standards in the sector, with all the necessary facilities in safety terms for passengers and the crew, mainly seeking to ensure excellent port experience”.

He added that “For this 2018-2019 season, new shipping lines have confirmed their dockings in the Port of Valparaíso, and in our terminal in particular; this is why we have undertaken huge responsibility and motivation to continue with our commitment to develop and encourage new traffic, providing the necessary guarantees to all shipping lines”.

“It is a source of pride for our terminal to be trusted by these shipping lines and their principals, by confirming 19 dockings of a total of 21, representing 90% of the cruise market share”, the executive ended by stating.

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adminThe Valparaíso 2018-2019 Cruise Season begins with a ship arriving from Rapa Nui